Artist Statement

My work revolves around the pursuit of exploring the connection we have with nature. In attempting to understand this connection, the aspect that interests me the most is how we apply structure to what appears to be the randomness of nature.  The application of reason to the disorder of the world around us helps us understand what we don’t know. As we apply this reason, we start to see patterns in everything. This heightened awareness of sequential order gives us the ability to see the world through a lens that, as far as we know, only humans are able to see. Through my work I investigate this question; Is our human lens accurate to reality in general or just to the one only we can perceive?


In my work I represent the mathematical assumptions that exist in the reflection of the realities by using accentuated patterns. I use these patterns to create the building blocks of my chosen subject matter. I choose to explore my own instincts by attempting to be as random as possible in the application of my patterns. These sequence of line or dot are applied to images that are specifically nonhuman. Landscapes, seascapes, animals and trees are among these chosen subject matters.


The same sequences that we apply to nature also helps us understand how we are connected to our world and its true reality. We have found,  after breaking down the building blocks of life, that everything is essentially made of the same matter. I believe that as societies continuously move away from the natural word, it is important to remind ourselves of where we come from.  These shared building blocks have become a theme in my work. This theme exists in the method I use to bring my subject matter to life.  I use a process known as stippling ( the grouping of objects to create gradation) which symbolises these fundamental elements of being.


In the spirit of exploring pattern application as well as satisfying my own aesthetic interests, I choose to mix different patterns and art-making techniques from around the world into my work. I am, specifically, influenced by practices from the middle eastern and far eastern parts of the globe. I believe this universal approach to artmaking plays an important role in the exploration of how we see the world around us.


It can be assumed that it is this fundamental need to apply patterns and reason to the world around us that is the stepping stone to another uniquely human trait. That is the ability to create and understand art.


Daniel Ryan Thedell

Daniel Ryan Thedell has been an exhibiting artist for five years and has been creating art since childhood. He attended San Diego State University where he focused on learning the fundamentals of painting, printmaking and photography. After receiving his BFA in 2008, he began to turn his artistic attention to involve his passion for the outdoors. As a self proclaimed “nature nerd” Daniel has dedicated the past five years of his artistic career to investigating the meaning of nature in a modern world. His works are based in the dichotomy between the structural and the organic.  


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